A Beginners Guide to P2P CDNs

A P2P CDN, contrary to a regular CDN does not use traditional servers and datacentres to distribute content. They instead leverage users on their platform for the distribution of content. P2P CDNs use WebRTC to connect the users without the need for a plugin to be installed on the user’s device. This makes things easier to use, to manage for the P2P CDNs, and ensures the most number of peers are connected at any given time.

Centurylink acquires Level3

Centurylink acquires Level3

Centurylink announced that it has come to an agreement to acquire Level3. The deal consists of a cash and stock deal and is worth around $25 billion.

The stock price of Centurylink dropped by more than 12.5% following the announcement while Level 3 stock went up more than 4%. The deal is expected to close by the 3rd querter of 2017.

Amazon Cloudfront introduces HTTP2

Amazon Cloudfront supports HTTP2

Amazon Cloudfront has introduced HTTP/2 in order to improve the performance of content delivery to clients that support the protocol.

The new protocol will be enabled for all newly set up properties. For existing properties HTTP/2 can be enabled in the propery configuration (distribution configuration in Cloudfront terms).

Limelight expands cloud security offering

Limelight security offering

Limelight has expanded its offering with a cloud security suite. The goal of the suite is to detect and stop application attacks in real time, protecting websites and web applications from common threats and specialized attacks. The suite will be integrated in the current CDN offering of Limelight.

Akamai and Limelight sign license agreement

Akamai and Limelight have signed a license deal worth $54 million. The license deal comes after the most recent judgement in a decade old lawsuit, which even has its own Wikipedia page where Limelight was forced to pay $51 million in damages. This agreement is meant as a replacement for the damages awarded in the lawsuit will be paid for in 12 installments over 3 years. This deal, coupled with some other measures, means Limelight is now confident about its future: “This agreement, coupled with the series of financial and operational improvements, further enhances our confidence in Limelight’s value creation opportunity.” says Limelight CEO Robert Lento.

Lex Boost appointed as CEO of Leaseweb USA

Leaseweb has announced that it has promoted Lex Boost to CEO of Leaseweb USA. Boost joined LeaseWeb in 2014 as global operations director, based in Amsterdam, before moving to the United States to help run the U.S. business as LeaseWeb USA’s chief operating officer. During his time as COO, Boost successfully spearheaded a number of growth initiatives. As CEO, Lex Boost will be responsible for the development and execution of the group vision, strategy and growth for the U.

MaxCDN joins Stackpath

MaxCDN is joining new security startup Stackpath. Stackpath in turn announced that it has raised $150 million in funding from private equity firm ABRY Partners. Stackpath, at the moment, does not offer any services itself yet but is expected to launch multiple services like monitoring, storage, compute and video streaming. The first service they’ll launch Secure Content Delivery (SCD) with anti-DDOS and a web application firewall (WAF) built in to every plan.

Airtel is sniffing Cloudflare traffic

Airtel is sniffing and intercepting ALL unencrypted traffic going upstream from CloudFlare’s India data centres, irrespective of what ISP the user is on. This potentially affects everyone in India accessing ANY of the 2 million+ sites on CloudFlare.

google acquires anvato

Google has acquired Anvato, an Over-The-Top (OTT) video company that allows you stream, edit and distribute videos. Anvato will be running on the Google Cloud infrastructure and will be integrated into the Google Cloud product proposition.

telia outage

Swedish company Telia suffered an outage after an engineer misconfigured a router and started sending European traffic to Hong Kong. The misconfiguration had a huge knock-on effect on all sorts of other services from Cloudflare and AWS to Slack. Cloudflare CEO Metthew Prince anounced on Twitter that the company will deprioritize traffic untill Telia have fixed their systemic issues. While Telia apologized for the outages.