Incapsula ChinaCache Partnership

Incapsula has partnered with ChinaCache ( comparison of both CDNs ) in an effort to improve delivery of assets into mainland China while maintaining the benefits of the security suite Incapsula offers. They achieve this by daisy-chaining the CDNs where Incapsula acts as the origin for the properies on ChinaCache and results in a 10X performance increase for some customers.

Incapsula ChinaCache Overview

One of the assumptions at the basis for a succesful implementation of this setup is that customers have a seperate .cn TLD on which they conduct their Chinese business. If you don’t have such a domain and instead have only one domain to serve a global audience, then you’ll need a DNS service that will answer DNS queries based on the geographical origin of the DNS request: if the request originates from China, respond with the ChinaCache CNAME, if it originates from outside of China, repond with the Incapsula CNAME.

Two of the DNS providers capable of making such decisions are Dyn and NS1 but multi-cdn provider Warpcache can also provide such a service, as well as an integration of multiple CDNs next to ChinaCache.

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