Cdnfinder Description

CDNfinder is a London-based CDN broker with a large offering of third-party CDNs. The company was founded in 2010, and at the time of writing counts over 100 clients and features 35 providers.

CDNfinder is both an information hub as much as it is a reseller of a variety of CDNs. For customers interested in comparing CDNs, the website provides a decent overview of the different features and network maps. Not all providers discussed on CDNfinder are resold by them directly. Some CDNs can be ’purchased’ directly via the site while for others a quote can be requested. A third group of CDNs cannot be acquired via CDNfinder, though if the pricing is public it will be included in the description.

An overview of the CDNs on CDNfinder, in no particular order:

Direct purchase via

*the website of CDNworld is currently under maintenance. CDNworld seems to be CDNfinder’s own CDN service; both are part of Zerouno Limited. We’ll update this section when more information becomes available.

Quote can be requested from

Listed but not resold via

As CDN brokers deal in ‘bulk’ they can negotiate better pricing with CDN providers. Acquiring a CDN via them can be interesting for smaller clients with a limited amount of traffic. When working with a CDN broker it is important to mind who is responsible for support and the SLA.

CDNfinder does not seem to provide discounted deals when purchasing multiple CDNs from them. We recommend clients interested in doing so to reach out to their sales team for a custom quote.

The feature overview below covers the amalgamation of the 35 different providers on CDNfinder. Technically all features are available through the broker, though individual differences may apply per CDN provider.

Cdnfinder Feature Overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown

Feature Support
CDN Balancing (DNS)
Integrated Solution


CDN Balancing (DNS)
Failover N/A
Selection Level N/A


CDNs in offer 35 (see description)
PoPs Depends on CDNs of choice
Purge All
Instant Purge
Control Panel
Origin Push
Origin Pull
Origin Shield
Custom Rules
HTTP/2 Protocol
SPDY Protocol
Raw Access Logs
Real Time Statistics
Online Signup
Custom CNAMEs
Shared SSL Certificates
Custom SSL Certificates
Wildcard SSL Certificates
RTMP Streaming
Video On Demand (VoD)


RUM Data
Synthetic Data N/A


Support CDN support by 3rd party CDN provider; no support from CDNfinder
Additional Features N/A

Cdnfinder Price Overview

CDNfinder’s lists pricing for a small selection of providers, these are: Level3, Highwinds, CDNworld, Hibernia and Fastly.

These five providers can be purchased from CDNfinder in the form of bundles, of different bandwidth sizes. The bundles are Starter, Regular and Premium - mind that per provider the monthly bundle price differs. Depending on the provider, the amount of included points-of-presence (PoPs) and other features may vary per tier.


  • Level3: $39 for 500 GB (originally $49)
  • Highwinds: $29 for 500 GB (originally $29)
  • CDNworld: $9 for 200 GB (originally $20)
  • Hibernia: $49 for 500 GB (orignally $59)
  • Fastly: $49 usage based (originally $99)


  • Level3: $69 for 1,500 GB (originally $99)
  • Highwinds: $49 usage based (originally $79)
  • CDNworld: $299 10 TB EU/NA (originally $549)
  • Hibernia: $149 for 1,500 GB (orignally $199)
  • Fastly: $249 usage based (originally $299)


  • Level3: $149 for 2,500 GB (originally $249)
  • Higwinds: $499 usage based (originally $559)
  • CDNworld: $1,249 50 TB EU/NA (originally $1,499)
  • Hibernia: $599 for 10 TB (orignally $49)
  • Fastly: $599 usage based (originally $749)

CDNfinder permanently seems to give ‘discount’ or list two prices per bundle: their ‘real’ price and a discounted offer. The pricing structure feels slightly conveluted.

Unit prices do not go below $0,025 per GB - the lowest price is for NA/EU traffic with CDNfinder’s own CDN CDNworld, in the Premium bundle.

CDN providers not included in this pricing overview either aren’t resold by CDNfinder or a custom quote will need to be requested.

Pricing Information

Global Flat Fee N/A
NA/EU Traffic (Low Volume) N/A
NA/EU Traffic (High Volume) N/A
APAC Traffic N/A
LATAM Traffic N/A
Queries N/A
Extra Costs N/A