Dyn Description

Dyn is a web performance management company headquartered in New Hampshire, USA with offices in San Francisco, England, and Australia. Dyn started out in 2001 as an open-source project by former Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) undergrads Jeremy Hitchcock, Tom Daly, Tim Wilde and Chris Reinhardt. Originally, the company went by the name Dynamic DNS Network Services Incorporated.

Nowadays, Dyn provides services such as data traffic management, dynamic DNS, geoDNS, Internet intelligence and domain registration. When building a multi-CDN solution using Dyn, their traffic manager and DNS are needed, and their Internet intelligence product.

Notable customers of Dyn are, or have been Netflix, Twitter, Zappos, Pandora Radio, Tumblr, CNBC and Hershey’s.

Dyn Feature Overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown

Feature Support
CDN Balancing (DNS)
Integrated Solution


CDN Balancing (DNS)
Selection Level Country level, state level (US)


CDNs in offer N/A
PoPs N/A
Purge All N/A
Instant Purge N/A
Control Panel N/A
Origin Push N/A
Origin Pull N/A
Origin Shield N/A
Custom Rules N/A
HTTP/2 Protocol N/A
SPDY Protocol N/A
Raw Access Logs N/A
Real Time Statistics N/A
Online Signup N/A
Custom CNAMEs N/A
Shared SSL Certificates N/A
Custom SSL Certificates N/A
Wildcard SSL Certificates N/A
RTMP Streaming N/A
Video On Demand (VoD) N/A
Storage N/A


RUM Data
Synthetic Data


Support Community, Phone and Email support
Additional Features Email delivery, domain registration, remote access, Internet intelligence

Dyn Price Overview

Dyn’s Managed DNS is sold in four ‘bundles’ that include a number of queries, records and zones. These bundles do not include the active failover and traffic director, which are products needed for a multi-CDN setup.

Prices for these products are custom and a quote needs to be requested from the Dyn sales team. Below the prices for Dyn’s managed DNS:

Starter: $5 per month

  • 1 zone
  • 1,000,000 queries
  • 50 records

Professional: $30 per month

  • 10 zones
  • 5,000,000 queries
  • 500 records

Premium: $100 per month

  • 50 zone
  • 15,000,000 queries
  • 1500 records

Enterprise: request a quote from the Dyn sales team

‘Zone bundles’ can be added upon customer request. The bundles includes an additional 20 zones and 200 records for $5 per month (maximum of 5 Zone Bundles per customer).

Pricing Information

Global Flat Fee N/A
NA/EU Traffic (Low Volume) N/A
NA/EU Traffic (High Volume) N/A
APAC Traffic N/A
LATAM Traffic N/A
Queries Depends on the bundle
Extra Costs Traffic director, active failover, additional zones (bundled), Internet intelligence