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SPACECDN Description

SpaceCDN is the dedicated CDN selling branch of INXY - a Cyprus-based reseller of dedicated servers, storage and CDNs. The company was founded in 2006 and just similar to SpaceCDN, more companies fly under the banner of INXY, such as INXYHOST and The CDN offering of and differs, as the international site offers Leaseweb and the Russian site offers CDNNOW instead.

In total, the CDN partners of INXY and SpaceCDN are EdgeCast, UCDN, Highwinds, Leaseweb and CDNNOW.

Clients can use the CDN price calculator to get an estimate of the possible discount to their CDN costs when buying from SpaceCDN. Both per traffic pricing and per bandwidth pricing is possible.

While SpaceCDN nor INXY (re)sell DNS services or CDN balancing technology, they do sell multiple CDNs. For clients interested in multiple CDNs within a multi-CDN setup, brokers can be a suitable solution to limit the amount of contract partners. Depending on the feature needs of a client prices with SpaceCDN differ per CDN provider in their portfolio.

We do not have information about customers of SpaceCDN.

SpaceCDN feature overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown
Feature Support
CDN balancing (DNS) Not supported
CDNs Fully supported
Data Not supported
Integrated solution Not supported

CDN balancing (DNS)

CDN balancing (DNS) Not supported
Failover Not supported
Selection level N/A


CDNs in offer EdgeCast, UCDN, Highwinds, Leaseweb, CDNNOW
PoPs 127
Purge All Fully supported
Instant Purge Not supported
Control panel Fully supported
Origin Push Fully supported
Origin Pull Fully supported
Origin Shield Fully supported
Custom Rules Additional costs
HTTP/2 Protocol Not supported
SPDY Protocol Not supported
Raw Access Logs Unknown
Real time statistics Fully supported
Online signup Not supported
API Purge
Custom CNAMEs Fully supported
Shared SSL Certificates Fully supported
Custom SSL Certificates Fully supported
Wildcard SSL Certificates Fully supported
RTMP Streaming Not supported
Video On Demand (VoD) Not supported
Storage Additional costs


RUM data Not supported
Synthetic data Not supported


Support 247 Phone and Email support
Additional features N/A

SPACECDN Price Overview

SpaceCDN only lists the additional costs of certain CDN related add-ons (e.g. custom rules, SSL), and per bandwidth and per traffic pricing is not disclosed. To order from them, potential clients can get in touch via chat, email or phone.

On the INXY site however, CDN bundles are available for EdgeCast, Highwinds, UCDN and CDNNOW. The bundles include a certain amount of traffic or bandwidth per month, for a fixed monthly fee. Overage rates, included regions and other specifics are listed in the bundles.

Due to the bundle pricing structure, INXY is more difficult to compare to other brokers and CDN providers.

Pricing Information

Global flat fee N/A
NA/EU Traffic (low volume) N/A
NA/EU Traffic (high volume) N/A
APAC Traffic N/A
LATAM Traffic N/A
Queries N/A
Extra costs N/A

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