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StreamZilla is a dedicated streaming CDN provider with a multi-CDN offering in their portfolio. StreamZilla is the commercial CDN brand of Jet-Stream – a company specialised in CDN and streaming media software development, projects and consultancy. Both companies are based in the Netherlands.

Besides a large catalogue of streaming-related services, StreamZilla offers a multi-CDN solution. Providers currently included in their multi-CDN offering are Level3, Leaseweb, Highwinds, Amazon Cloudfront and Edgecast.

Not all the StreamZilla products include a (multi-)CDN solution, as the company primarily focuses on streaming and video services. For a full overview of StreamZilla’s offering besides CDNs, customers should get in touch with their sales team, or check out the website.

Past and present StreamZilla clients include ING, Red Bull, Nokia, Vodafone,, Warner Bros., KLM and Tiësto. More clients are showcased on the StreamZilla website; it is not specified which solutions were provided to each customer.

StreamZilla feature overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown
Feature Support
CDN balancing (DNS) Fully supported
CDNs Fully supported
Data Fully supported
Integrated solution Fully supported

CDN balancing (DNS)

CDN balancing (DNS) Fully supported
Failover Fully supported
Selection level Active Request Routing


CDNs in offer Leaseweb, Level3, Highwinds, Amazon Cloudfront, Edgecast
PoPs Unknown
Purge All Not supported
Instant Purge Not instant
Control panel Fully supported
Origin Push Fully supported
Origin Pull Fully supported
Origin Shield Not supported
Custom Rules Unknown
HTTP/2 Protocol Not supported
SPDY Protocol Not supported
Raw Access Logs Not supported
Real time statistics Fully supported
Online signup Not supported
API Purge, Statistics, Configuration Management
Custom CNAMEs Unknown
Shared SSL Certificates Unknown
Custom SSL Certificates Unknown
Wildcard SSL Certificates Unknown
RTMP Streaming Fully supported
Video On Demand (VoD) Fully supported
Storage Additional costs


RUM data Unknown
Synthetic data Unknown


Support Professional Customer Support during office hours (free), Exclusive Customer Support 247 (paid), Live Event Hotline Service
Additional features N/A

STREAMZILLA Price Overview

A variety of on-demand plans are available via the StreamZilla website. Included features differ, making them ideal for different types of video and or streaming needs of a customer.

Below, we’ve included the prices of the basic CDN plans: ‘Professional’ and ‘High-volume’.

Pricing Information

Global flat fee On-demand bundles: Professional, High Volume
NA/EU Traffic (low volume) N/A
NA/EU Traffic (high volume) N/A
APAC Traffic N/A
LATAM Traffic N/A
Queries N/A
Extra costs One-time Setup Fee, Storage, Additional Traffic Bundles, Traffic Outside Bundle, Support bundles, Extra Support

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