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YOTTAA Description

Yottaa is a CDN company founded in 2009 by Bob Buffone and Coach Wei. The company is headquartered in Waltham (near Boston), in the United States. Starting out as a traditional CDN, Yottaa later pivoted to position User Engagement at the core of their proposition, landing them in a category of their own within the CDN industry.

The company aim to close the ’experience gap’ - a term coined by Yottaa to describe the discrepancy between the expectations of users of a website, and the actual website that that is delivered from them. Underlying this concept is the increasing complexity of websites and applications, and the challenge of making them suitable for any device, that impact the digital experience of a user. Yottaa’s SaaS platform is designed with the mission to close the experience gap by optimising the end user experience, on all devices.

Yottaa offers a traditional CDN, which includes Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA), Front-End Optimisation (FEO), edge caching, bandwidth offloading, cloud storage and an origin shield. It’s a CDN solution in its own right, though the Yottaa platform also works with any other CDN and CDN provider, as long as a public API is available. Which solution is preferable entirely depends on the needs of a customer - e.g. certain security or media streaming wishes may call for different CDN providers.

An overview of Yottaa’s products and solutions:

  • AdaptiveCDN - real-time management, context-aware caching, multi-vendor capabilities
  • AppSequencing - orchestrates when and how application content is delivered and displayed
  • ContextAgent - asynchronously injects dynamic content into the browser
  • ContextIntelligence - adapts rules and actions real-time for personalised content delivery and acceleration, and security
  • ContextSAFE - bot detection and DDoS mitigation
  • InstantON - automatic optimisation and caching of static content, origin shield

Yottaa has raised $29m in funding from venture firms Stata Venture Partners, General Catalyst Partners and Intel Capital Partners. Growth of the company has been steep on all fronts - growth in terms of team size, in terms of revenue and in terms of customer base.

Customers of Yottaa are, or have been eBags, Billabong, Jelly Belly, PCM, Moosejaw, MagnetStreet, Shoebuy.com, Barstool Sports, Kill Cliff, Fathead, The Tie Bar, Jockey International and Charming Charlie.

Yottaa supports a multi-vendor CDN setup on their platform. We do not know to what extent the setup is customisable and configurable.

Yottaa feature overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown
Feature Support
CDN balancing (DNS) Unknown
CDNs Fully supported
Data Unknown
Integrated solution Fully supported

CDN balancing (DNS)

CDN balancing (DNS) Fully supported
Failover Fully supported
Selection level AS level


CDNs in offer Yottaa CDN, bring-your-own-CDN
PoPs Unknown
Purge All Unknown
Instant Purge Unknown
Control panel Fully supported
Origin Push Fully supported
Origin Pull Fully supported
Origin Shield Fully supported
Custom Rules Fully supported
HTTP/2 Protocol Not supported
SPDY Protocol Not supported
Raw Access Logs Unknown
Real time statistics Fully supported
Online signup Not supported
API Unknown
Custom CNAMEs Unknown
Shared SSL Certificates Unknown
Custom SSL Certificates Unknown
Wildcard SSL Certificates Unknown
RTMP Streaming Not supported
Video On Demand (VoD) Not supported
Storage Fully supported


RUM data N/A
Synthetic data N/A


Support Knowledge base, Chat and Email support
Additional features Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA), security features

YOTTAA Price Overview

Yottaa does not list any pricing information on their site.

Clients can reach out to their sales team via a form on the website.

Pricing Information

Global flat fee N/A
NA/EU Traffic (low volume) N/A
NA/EU Traffic (high volume) N/A
APAC Traffic N/A
LATAM Traffic N/A
Queries N/A
Extra costs N/A

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