Bunnycdn Description

Founded in 2012, BunnyCDN is a provider based in Slovenia. The service went live for beta in 2015 after 3 years of development. Currently they have PoPs on all continents, with most of them located in North-America, and Europe.


Bunnycdn Feature Overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown

Feature Support
Purge All
Instant Purge
Control Panel
Origin Push
Origin Pull
Origin Shield
GZIP Compression
Custom Rules
HTTP/2 Protocol
SPDY Protocol
Raw Access Logs
Real Time Statistics
Online Signup
Custom CNAMEs
Shared SSL Certificates
Custom SSL Certificates
Wildcard SSL Certificates
Support chat support, email support, FAQ and tutorials
Video On Demand (VoD)
RTMP Streaming
Multiple CDNs
CDN Balancing Tech

Bunnycdn Price Overview

BunnyCDN has 2 pricing tiers, the first is the premium tier, which has various prices for the different regions (mentioned under the various regions), and a Volume tier which offers a 3 global fees based on the amount of traffic. For the smallest (0-500 TB) the price is $0.005 per GB, between 500 TB - 1 PB you pay $0.004 per GB, and the largest offereing +1 PB offers $0.003 per GB. Additionally, you can request a custom quote on their website.

Pricing Information

Global Flat Fee $0.005 - $0.003 per GB
NA/EU Traffic (Low Volume) $0.01 per GB
NA/EU Traffic (High Volume) N/A
APAC Traffic $0.03 per GB
LATAM Traffic $0.045 per GB
Extra Costs N/A

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