Leaseweb Description

LeaseWeb is a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider founded in 1997, and a daughter company of OCOM Group. LeaseWeb is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of Internet services such as colocation, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and a CDN solution.

The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

LeaseWeb’s network includes 58 ‘PoPs’ and 6 ’SuperPoPs’. In CDN terms however it is the SuperPoPs that we consider to be the regular points-of-presence as we know them: servers where content is cached. The remaining 58 locations are networking PoPs where a request enters the LeaseWeb network, but no content is cached.

Notable customers of LeaseWeb include Kaspersky Lab, Grundig and Twenga.

LeaseWeb hosts the European hub of the Wikimedia Foundation, as part of a €300,000 gift in kind to the foundation. The company was also one of the hosting providers of Megaupload, and in 2013 wiped 630 of their dedicated servers clean of Megaupload user data. LeaseWeb issued a statement explaining their decision, stating there were no requests to to access or retain the data for over a year, and that the company had been running and maintaining the servers at its own expense. Megaupload’s assets were seized by the U.S. government and it could not pay its hosting partners. Petabytes of data were lost forever, and the act is considered a scandal and a betrayal by Megaupload sympathisers. Megaupload’s main hosting partner Carpathia, decided to keep storing the servers at their own expense. While the Carpathia servers are disconnected and stored, the data so far seems protected from destruction.

Through their Community Outreach Project, LeaseWeb supports organisations that combat cybercrime and spam by offering free hosting services. In 2009 the company ran a pilot for preventive filtering of online child porn in cooperation with Swedish company NetClean, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and the Dutch Child Porn Hotline. While from a technological perspective LeaseWeb was pleased with the outcome, there were still some hurdles to be addressed in cooperation with the Dutch National Police Services Agency.

Leaseweb Feature Overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown

Feature Support
PoPs 11
Purge All
Instant Purge
Control Panel
Origin Push
Origin Pull
Origin Shield
GZIP Compression
Custom Rules
HTTP/2 Protocol
SPDY Protocol
Raw Access Logs
Real Time Statistics
Online Signup
Custom CNAMEs
Shared SSL Certificates
Custom SSL Certificates
Wildcard SSL Certificates
Support Email support
Video On Demand (VoD)
RTMP Streaming
Multiple CDNs
CDN Balancing Tech

Leaseweb Price Overview

Leaseweb has 2 pricing models:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Enterprise

The pay-as-you-go model starts with a package of around $53 per month and consists of:

  • 2TB of data traffic
  • 2GB of storage
  • 20 million HTTP calls or 2 million HTTPS calls
  • 2000 API requests

After that:

  • Additional bandwidth costs $0.076 per GB for the next 8TB, $0.065 for the 40TB after that and $0.054 per GB for the following 100TB.
  • Additional API calls cost $0.54 per 100 calls.
  • Additional HTTP requests cost $1.08 per million for the next 980 million and $0.97 per millionfor the next 14900 million.

The enterprise model is based on a commitment and is made up out of 2 variables:

  • Bandwidth
  • HTTP requests

Pricing Information

Global Flat Fee N/A
NA/EU Traffic (Low Volume) $0.049 per GB for commitment below 50TB
NA/EU Traffic (High Volume) $0.006 per GB for commitments above 3PB
APAC Traffic Purge, Statistics, Configuration Management
LATAM Traffic N/A
Extra Costs

Additional costs for requests after the first 500 million:

$0.95 per million requests

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