SECTION.IO Description is a “delivery platform created by developers for developers”. The Australian company was founded in 2015 by Stewart McGrath and Daniel Bartholomew, and developed by the team behind Squixa - a web performance acceleration company with multi-CDN. Squixa has since been renamed and made part of

The company has secured funding from the Australian government’s Commercialization Australia program, and from Tahoma Ventures, Blue Note Ventures and Galvanize Ventures in March 2016.

The team behind aims to give developers of ops and apps teams control over their solution, and make it easy to use. From their own experience they found CDNs to be clunky, and packed with features that do not necessarily fit the needs of developers. They apply the agile DevOps principles to content delivery. automates the setup process for a Varnish installation and gives clients access and control over the configuration. Their platform platform lets clients run their own Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), both in development and in production.

Included features are logs, alerting, usage statistics and SSL. In addition, supports HTTP/2.

Customers of are, or have been: Mazda, Appliances Online, nib, Temple & Webster, Breville, Intrepid Travel, Lorna Jane, Adairs, Australian Geographic, Booktopia, Colorado and I love ugly. feature overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown
Feature Support
PoPs 22
Purge All Feature fully supported by
Instant Purge Feature fully supported by
Control panel Feature fully supported by
Origin Push Feature not supported by
Origin Pull Feature fully supported by
Origin Shield Unknown support for this feature by
GZIP Compression Feature fully supported by
Custom Rules Unknown support for this feature by
HTTP/2 Protocol Feature fully supported by
SPDY Protocol Feature not supported by
Raw Access Logs Feature fully supported by
Real time statistics Feature fully supported by
Online signup Feature fully supported by
API Purge, Statistics, Configuration Management
Custom CNAMEs Feature fully supported by
Shared SSL Certificates Feature fully supported by
Custom SSL Certificates Unknown support for this feature by
Wildcard SSL Certificates Unknown support for this feature by
Support Email support
Video On Demand (VoD) Feature not supported by
RTMP Streaming Feature not supported by
Multiple CDNs Feature not supported by
CDN balancing tech Feature not supported by
Storage Feature not supported by


The pricing model of is slightly different than the usual CDN pricing we’re familiar with. The company charges for pageviews instead of bandwidth.

Costs are:

  • Varnish Cache - $0.09 per 1000 page views
  • Platform - $0.30 per 1000 page views
  • ModSecurity - $0.12 per 1000 page views

Platform includes alerting via Umpire, searchable Kibana logs, metrics via Tessera and Graphite, developer API and a local development environment.

ModSecurity includes HTTP/2 support, TLS/HTTPS via SNI, a global network and PCI compliant infrastructure.

Clients can sign up for a 14-day free trial on the website.

Pricing Information

Global flat fee N/A
NA/EU Traffic (low volume) N/A
NA/EU Traffic (high volume) N/A
APAC Traffic N/A
LATAM Traffic N/A
Extra costs N/A

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