Ns1 Description

NSONE or NS1 is a provider of intelligent DNS and traffic management services. The company is headquartered in New York, and has offices in San Francisco and in Singapore. Founded in 2013 by a team with first-hand experience in building content delivery networks (CDNs), infrastructure APIs and cloud platforms, NSONE came about to enable and improve present day’s dynamic infrastructures.

NS1 leverages infrastructure, network and real time user data to allow customers on their platform to create customised routing setups for a wide variety of applications. They offer data driven traffic management, managed DNS and dedicated DNS. Their product Pulsar is designed for real-time performance-based traffic routing, and offers fully automated traffic management functionality that can be used in a multi-CDN solution.

Note that NS1 does not include a content delivery network in its offering. Customers interested in their services will need to acquire multiple CDNs elsewhere in order to build a multi-CDN solution.

Current and or past customers of NS1 include Yelp, imgur, PulsePoint, onelogin, Algolia, Teridion, Thaifriendly, CDN provider MaxCDN and multi-CDN provider TurboBytes.

The network status of NS1 can be viewed here. The company has had periods of downtime and degraded performance, which have had a direct impact on clients. For more comparative information specifically on DNS performance we recommend websites such as DNSPerf.

Ns1 Feature Overview

Fully supported Partially supported Additional costs Not supported Unknown

Feature Support
CDN Balancing (DNS)
Integrated Solution


CDN Balancing (DNS)
Selection Level Country level, state level (US) and AS (NS1 Pulsar)


CDNs in offer N/A
PoPs N/A
Purge All N/A
Instant Purge N/A
Control Panel N/A
Origin Push N/A
Origin Pull N/A
Origin Shield N/A
Custom Rules N/A
HTTP/2 Protocol N/A
SPDY Protocol N/A
Raw Access Logs N/A
Real Time Statistics N/A
Online Signup N/A
Custom CNAMEs N/A
Shared SSL Certificates N/A
Custom SSL Certificates N/A
Wildcard SSL Certificates N/A
RTMP Streaming N/A
Video On Demand (VoD) N/A
Storage N/A


RUM Data
Synthetic Data



24×7 Email support (Business Plan)

24×7 Email and Phone support (Pro and Enterprise Plan)

Additional Features Dedicated DNS, NS1 Pulsar

Ns1 Price Overview

NSONE or NS1 offers managed DNS bundles, which include a certain number of queries, records, monitoring jobs and filter chains. All allow an unlimited number of integrations.

Their Pulsar product, phone support, emergency support and professional services are only available for Pro and Enterprise customers, not for Business customers. A 10% discounted monthly fee is available for customers who pay annually instead of per month.

For Pulsar or dedicated DNS as separate products, clients can get in touch with the NS1 sales team via a form on the website.

Business: $220 per month

  • 25,000,000 queries ($4 overage rate per 1 million queries)
  • 1000 records ($10 overage rate per 100 records)
  • 2 filter chains (additional filter chains at $100 each)
  • 25 monitoring jobs at 30 Seconds (additional monitoring jobs at $2 each)

Pro: $1,100 per month

  • 500,000,000 queries ($2 overage rate per 1 million queries)
  • 2000 records ($10 overage rate per 100 records)
  • 5 filter chains (additional filter chains at $50 each)
  • 100 monitoring jobs at 20 Seconds (additional monitoring jobs at $2 each)

Enterprise: request a quote from the NS1 sales team

  • 3,000,000,000+ queries

Pricing Information

Global Flat Fee N/A
NA/EU Traffic (Low Volume) N/A
NA/EU Traffic (High Volume) N/A
APAC Traffic N/A
LATAM Traffic N/A
Queries Depends on the bundle
Extra Costs Pulsar, phone support, emergency support and professional services